Windows cleaning

The regularity of window cleaning for business will vary building to building, and our experts at Kirei Cleaning have a good grasp on the variables at play. From location to frequency of use to size of the building to personal preference, there are many things at work that will determine how and when you need window cleaning services. What we can tell you is that our methods are designed in such a way to maximize how long your windows will remain clean, no matter the building and that our office staff is always eager to work with clients to provide quotes, schedule one time cleanings, or organize schedules based around your wants and needs.

Quality We Ensure

Our  Services around Toronto and surrounding areas are thorough, consistent, customized to your individual needs, and guaranteed.

Experienced Workers

Our hardworking, dedicated Team of Professionals has been providing excellence in cleaning and trained and insured.

Cleaning the windows of your business can be a long and arduous task that will rarely provide you with the returns you seek. Smudges, streaks, and missed spots are common when trying to clean windows on your own, and the time and resources you pour into doing so will often lead to unnecessary aggravation. You can save yourself and your organization a big hassle and also receive guaranteed excellent results by hiring Kirei Cleaners window cleaning for your business. Our team has experience with all types of buildings across the Vancouver area and is always looking to take on new challenges. Call us today and let us help give your building a facelift through sparkling clean windows.

Experienced People can help you more.

We have high-touch surfaces that are not easily wiped
have limited time and want the job done in hours not days

Service Information

  • Price :$49
  • Cleaning Hours :1-3 Hours
  • Number of Cleaners :02 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 06.00pm
  • Contact :+1 (289) 775-2998
  • E-mail